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How do I apply for Collabary?

Applying to be part of Collabary is simple! If you’re a social media content creator, our sign-up process is quick, easy and free.

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  • Step 1: Click here to sign up and be one step closer to taking part in that next great campaign.

  • Step 2: Once you’ve submitted your details to us, you’ll receive an activation email allowing you to access all that Collabary has to offer to you.

  • Step 3: Time to complete your profile! Please ensure you upload a profile picture,add as many details and connect your social media channels.

Please note; All of our applications will be reviewed and approved in-house by our expert team. This ensures our guidelines are met and our service is of the highest quality every step of the way.

For a profile to be approved please ensure that you meet our guidelines below;

  • You have more than 1k followers on at least one of your Instagram-, TikTok- or YouTube channels.

  • You are located in Europe.

  • More than 15% of your audience is located within Europe.

  • Your audience is of high quality and does not contain any inauthentic followers.

  • You produce high quality content.

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