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Why should I join Collabary?
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At Collabary we aim to make campaign processing as easy as possible for brands and content creators. Below you will find the most important advantages of Collabary.

Gain visibility

Once you have joined Collabary, your profile will become discoverable by hundreds of brands using our platform. Adidas, Lacoste, Clinique are just some of the brands using our platform for collaborations. As our brands only work with content creators who are registered on Collabary, it’s essential that you sign up to Collabary to increase your chance of being discovered by one of our brands.

Free of charge

For creators, our platform is completely free of charge.

No Exclusivity

Unlike other influencer platforms, we hold no requirements for exclusivity with Collabary. You can continue partnering with other brands, and working with your existing campaigns, as normal.

Seamless campaign flow

Collabary allows for the seamless planning and execution of social media campaigns without the need for different channels of communication. With the help of our integrated campaign messenger, you may directly communicate with the campaign's relevant account manager/contact person and ask any more questions or request conditions.

Secure and fast payment

If you have joined a paid campaign, once you have successfully completed your tasks and provided your content and insights, you do not have to send us an invoice!*. As long as you have provided your bank and tax details in your Collabary profile, we will automatically send you a credit note via email detailing your payment. With Collabary, all the hard work is done for you! We will send self-billed invoices to brands on your behalf, making the process far quicker and far more convenient for everyone involved. You can always check the status of your payment in the ‘’payments’’ section of your campaign.

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