Collabary offers you the possibility to create product lists with articles available on Zalando and share them with creators to select their favourite items. You can find product lists as a subpage for your brand campaign.

The Product Lists tab is divided into two sections: the product lists and the creators' outfits.


Product lists

In this section, you will be able to set up as many product lists as you wish, with an unlimited number of SKUs.

There are two types of product lists:

  • Strict SKU assortment, where creators can only choose items that are on the SKU list you provided. If they add any other SKU, not included in the product list, the following message will appear, as shown below:

  • Flexible SKU assortment which allows creators to select any SKU from Zalando.

Please note that these lists are not automatically refreshed and do not track stock sizes. Here are two examples:

  1. If an influencer selects an item from the list, this item will remain on the list and be available for other influencers to see and select.

  2. If there is no more stock of a given product, but it is still live on Zalando, this item will appear on the list.

We are currently working on automatizing these processes and an update is currently being evaluated and planned for Q1 2023.


Creators outfits

In this section, you will find all automatically generated links, for influencers who have accepted your campaign offer. Please ensure you provide the influencer with both the product list link and the generated link, so they can input their selection into this section.

This easily allows you to have an overview of all outfits and products that will be used to produce content for the campaign.


Here are the steps to follow in order to successfully set up a product list:

  1. Click on Add product list.

  2. Choose a name for your list and add all the relevant Zalando SKUs.

  3. Once you have saved the list, it will appear, and you will be able to copy the generated product list link and share it with creators via the campaign messenger.

  4. As shown below, on the product list page you will find all SKUs you wish to share with the creators. Once they click on an item, Collabary will automatically redirect them to the corresponding PDP on Zalando, where they can learn more about the product and its sizes.

  5. Share with the influencers both the product list link and the generated link, so they can input their selection into the outfit section. The product list link shows all items to select from for the creator. To input their selection, creators will have to follow the individually generated link per creator (see example below):

  6. Once the creator has filled out their product selection, you will have the overview shown below. Now you are ready to order their product selection on Zalando and kick-start your campaign!

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