When you receive a campaign invitation from a brand, the brand has selected you to work with them on their campaign and would like to present you their offer.

Importance of of keeping your profile up date

To be noticed by brands and to convince them to work with you, it is important that you always keep your Collabary profile filled with information and up to date. To update your profile, just click on the three dots on your profile page to open a context menu and choose “Edit profile”.

Having a polished and up to date profile displaying your professional working style can make big difference on how brands take notice and decide to work with you.

News feed for further inspiration

For further inspiration and to stay up to date on industry happenings and insights, make sure to regularly visit your Collabary news feed on platform. You can always find it on the left hand side of the main navigation on the Collabary web platform or the mobile app. 

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