Individual Offer

Once a brand invites you to their campaign, you will receive your individual campaign offer that the brand has created specifically for you. 

Your individual offer should include all the necessary information from the brand regarding the campaign such as the campaign timeline, -tasks, and budget. In case you need some more clarification, you can use the messenger to get in touch with the brand.

Once you receive the individual offer offer, you can either accept the offer, decline the offer, or negotiate in the messenger on the terms of the agreement.

In the case you and the brand negotiate and reach an agreement on how to update the terms, the brand should send you an updated offer that you need to accept to be part of their campaign.

Please make sure to look through all of the details in the offer before accepting.

The different components of an individual offer include:

  • Budget
  • Tasks
  • Campaign information
  • Timeline overview

You can access your individual offers through both the desktop platform and the mobile app. 

Timeline overview (mobile app)

There is a comprehensive timeline overview available in the campaign menu. You can export tasks to your external calendar by pressing and holding the task you’d like to export. 

When a brand updates a previously accepted campaign offer (Offer re-opened)

Brands may sometimes update and re-open an offer that you have already accepted. In this case, if you would like to accept the re-negotiated offer, you can respond as per usual. If you do not, your previously agreed offer will still be valid.

You can look back and forth between the accepted offer and the updated offer in the toggle at the top of the screen (mobile) or in the sidebar (desktop). You can find more information on re-negotiation here.

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