Responding to campaign invitations and negotiating

Once a brand sends you an offer, it’s up to you as the creator to respond. Make sure to open it up and take a careful look through all the details. There are three ways in which you can respond:


If you would like to participate in the campaign and all of the details work for you, simply click accept. 


If you would like to participate in the campaign, but would like to negotiate or clarify some of the details, you can click the negotiation option when responding to the offer. This will take you to the messenger, where you and the brand can discuss details. If you come to an agreement, the brand will send you an updated offer and you’ll be able to respond from there. 


If you would not like to participate in the campaign, click decline and then give a reason as to why you’ve declined. 


On desktop, these options will be in the sidebar of the individual offer. In mobile, these options will appear once you click the “Click here to respond” on the campaign menu. 

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