Fill in the campaign description information

To create a new campaign, start by clicking the big green “Create a campaign” button on your “Campaigns” page. This will take you to the campaign creation page where you should specify the relevant overarching description of your campaign that applies to the whole campaign and all content creators.

1. Campaign name & main image 

Start by giving your campaign a descriptive campaign name and then a visual appearance by uploading a campaign main image. In case you’re not sure how to fill in the right information on this page, you can see an example how it looks filled out or view again the campaign tutorial screens by clicking on the green buttons in the top right corner of the page.

2. Total campaign budget

This is where you can insert your estimated internal budget. This number will only be visible to you and your team. This can then be divided between the influencers you chose to perform the campaign with. 

3. Campaign timeframe 

Here, you can select the date range that covers the whole duration of the campaign. It is important that all campaign activities will fit within this time range meaning that the end date should be the latest time when all tasks should be finalized.

4. Campaign background

Here you can describe the background for your campaign, so that the content creators can understand the goals you want to achieve. If you want to promote a specific service or product, you should introduce it here. The right time/place to brief in specific campaign tasks such as posts, stories and videos will come later, in the individual offers.

5. Do’s and don’ts

Here, you can outline specific do’s and don’ts regarding the campaign. These could e.g. be “Do showcase the products in well lit environment” or “Don’t display any alcohol or tobacco products in the campaign content”.

6. Inspirational material

You can add more visual inspiration for the content creators to communicate the style of content and campaign visual appearance you’re after.

Click “Save & preview”. to complete the page and see a preview of how it will look to content creators.

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