What is an individual offer?

An individual offer is an invitation you give for a content creator to participate in your campaign. The offer will contain a list of tasks that have to be completed within a certain time frame in exchange for compensation or products. If the creator accepts your proposal, it will become a legally binding contract.
For an explanation of the different types of offers have a look here.

Steps to make an individual offer to a content creator

  1. Find content creators and add them to your shortlist
  2. Visit your shortlist on the Participants -page and click "Specify offer"
  3. Fill out the individual offer
  4. Send them the offer
  5. Wait until they respond to the offer – they can either accept, decline, or negotiate the offer.
  6. If they agree to the offer, you’re good to go! 

Note: The influencer may want to negotiate on deliverables, budget, or another part of the individual offer. If this happens, the brand must update the individual offer and send it again. As the offer is legally binding the creator will need to accept it again.

Sending offers to multiple content creators at the same time 

If you want to send the same individual offer to multiple content creators, you can use the "bulk offer" -feature to send out the same offer multiple content creators at the same time.

You can find the functionality in the three dot context menu either on the "Participants" -page or in every individual offer. Just click on "Send offer to multiple creators" or "Copy offer to multiple creators" and follow the instructions in the modal window.

Be careful not to overspend your budget, as sending multiple offers simultaneously can quickly increase your spending.

Different individual offer states

  • Pending - State when offer is sent
  • Accepted - State when the creator agrees to the offer
  • Declined - When the creator doesn’t accept the offer
  • Cancelled - When the brand cancels the offer or the creator doesn't respond within 72 hours

Product Delivery: For all offers, there will be a checkbox asking if there will be a product delivery for this offer. This will prompt the creator to input their shipping details when the offer is accepted. 

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