Campaign tasks, such as Instagram posts or YouTube videos are are a way for the brand you’re working with to discover the great content you’ve produced and how it performs.

Tasks can come in many types, depending on your campaign, but they all share the same purpose of making sure the campaign is a measurable success for everyone while easing the workflow for all parties.

The required tasks are always specific for your campaign and depend on what is agreed between you and the brand in your campaign offer.

For your campaign, you can see an overview of all of the tasks under the “Tasks” -section in your individual campaign offer.

Below you can also see a list of all possible task types on our platform.

To find out how to complete the tasks in your campaign, please check the relevant FAQ section.

Currently our platform supports the following type of tasks

Content Production for Approval

Instagram post  

Instagram story

YouTube video

Blog post


*Includes everything not included in the other categories

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