There are two different types of campaign offers that you can send to a content creator. They are “Monetary” or “Other Arrangement”.


This offer indicates how much money the brand is willing to spend on the creator based on number of posts and stories. Here you will need to specify a fixed monetary budget for the collaboration offer. The offer should take into account the total number of tasks you’re requesting of the creator. An overview of your estimated remaining budget along with the suggested payment for the creator will be shown. 

Other Arrangement

If compensation for the campaign is not monetary, you can choose “Other Arrangement” and describe it in the description box. This could be an event attendance or the products for example.  



Product Delivery

For all offers, there will be a checkbox at the bottom of the modal asking if there will be a product delivery for this offer. This will prompt the creator to input their shipping details when the offer is accepted. 

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