Negotiations on a campaign offer can take place every time you send an offer to a content creator, also when you open re-negotiation by updating an existing offer. Negotiations are also automatically opened when you send an offer to a creator.  

Sending an Offer

When a creator receives an offer, there are three ways they can respond: accept, decline, or negotiate. Negotiations are a natural part of any business deal. At the end of the day, the offer sent to creators is a business contract and it’s important that both parties feel fairly compensated.

Negotiation Details

Negotiation details can be discussed via messenger and once an agreement has been reached, you will have to update the offer and send it to the creator once more. Once the influencer accepts, it will become a legally binding contract. 

Note: If you are updating and re-negotiating a previously accepted offer, the previous offer will still be valid until the creator accepts the newly sent offer.

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