Do you want to be on the safe side and approve the content of your campaign upfront? Use the new task: Content Production for Approval.

The Content Production for Approval -task offers an easy way to initiate a structured content approval process with the possibility to give the content creator feedback on their proposal for content.

All the content will then also be automatically collected to the campaign Content -page on the Collabary platform for easy access.  

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Create a ’Content Production for Approval’-task in the individual offer for each of your content creators you want to pre-approve content for and include it in the offer you send out to the creators. Please make sure you specify carefully in the task description what content should be approved with the task.
  2. Once a content creator has added content for you to review, you can find it in your campaign Content -page under “Content for approval”. There you can accept or decline content pieces for your campaign and also give the creator feedback with the attached note. 
  3. And that’s it! In case you are not happy with the content the creator has suggested, you can give them feedback and ask them to revise their proposal by adding additional content pieces.

Tip: You can also download any content pieces through the context menus symbolized by the three dots. 

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